Thank you Japan, for showing us now you don't even need a real person to have sex anymore.

Virtual reality is something that you used to read about in science fiction books and movies. Now, it is something we see being created and makes you wonder how far it will go.

Apparently, a virtual sex game is what you get when you mix horny guys, blowup dolls and a serious waste of technology. This video was shot at OcuFes, a Japanese convention that shows the different ways you can use the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. One of those ways is a new game where you can dry hump a blowup doll for points.

You read that correctly.

This is an actual game that is in development and there were guys at the convention dry humping in public. You can see in the video that the guy testing the game out is holding a clear blowup doll that is wearing some sort of cheerleader/schoolgirl outfit and on the computer screen behind him you can see what he sees. A realistic avatar of a woman is what the player sees with the virtual reality headset. The game doesn't have a name yet or a production date but I could see this being a big seller in the sex industry.