Brent Smith of Shinedown called in to KLAQ to talk to Lisa Sanchez about the new album, the "Cut The Cord" music video and who is really singing the "freedom" lyrics in the song. The answer might surprise you! Shinedown will be performing this Friday at the Socorro Entertainment Center in the Borderland. I was able to talk to Shinedown's lead singer, Brent Smith, about the upcoming album. Shinedown have said that this is their most autobiographical album that they have released. Brent gave us a little insight into this aspect of the album, and especially the song "How did you love?"

"For some reason I had this epiphany, if you will, that if you're given the gift of life, the one thing that is inevitable is you will pass away eventually....the goal for 'How did you love' was to understand that even though you were born, yes you will eventually die, but what did you do in the meantime before that happened? In the middle of your life, what was your legacy? What did you leave behind? And, the song is called 'How did you love' but it really refers to how did you live your life? What do you want people to remember about you? Did you love more than you hated? id you give more than you took?"

Brent also talked about the band's single "Cut The Cord" and explained what this song was also about,

It's about anything in your life personally that would wrap around you and drag you down or keep you down or be un-motivating. Anything that was keeping you from going after not only the life you wanted to have for yourself but that you felt was a negative influence on you. If it's wrapped around you cut it loose.

In the song "Cut The Cord," there is a part where there are, what sounds like, children singing "freedom follow me." I asked Brent who are the kids that sing that part in the song. I was completely surprised by his answer! Check out the interview above.