The last few weeks have been some of the most interesting in the rock and metal world. Take last week's story, for example, when Vancouver woman Dee Gallant was being stalked by a cougar and played Metallica's "Don't Tread on Me" to scare it off. The story now has a second happy ending — James Hetfield paid her a phone call and she got to thank him herself.

After her brave story made headlines all over the Internet, Gallant unexpectedly received a call from a liaison for Metallica, giving her a heads up that the band would be contacting her. When she got the next call, it was none other than Papa Het himself.

"It's surreal how quickly it happened and how far it's gone. The fact that he's so down to earth and such a great person, I'm very pleased to find that out first-hand," she told Vancouver's CTV News. Gallant and the frontman spoke about their houses, pets and the story about the cougar that was trailing her.

To clear up any doubts the woman may have had after the phone call, Hetfield sent her a selfie, throwing up the horns. "If you had told the 18-year-old me that this would happen, I never would've believed it. I would've just fallen out of my skin with excitement," she raved.

CTV News
CTV News

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