A lot of you might not be familiar to the southern rock style of Jackyl, but this Saturday June 24th, there will be no doubt ever again! I am super excited to witness the high energy of Jackyl and after their performance this Saturday you will too!

The first time I heard of Jackyl and their merry band of misfits I was in high school. The first song I ever heard from them was, "The Lumberjack"! This song has it all, a great rock sound, screeching vocals, and a chainsaw! That's right a chainsaw solo to be exact!

Jackyl and their leader Jesse James Dupree have been around for a long time. Not only are they southerner's they are also quite the showman with a high energy show that rivals any current rock band.

With all that said nothing compares to the real thing! So please make sure you get to the show in plenty of time you will not forget this energetic true rock n' roll band put on a show we will never forget!! See you there!!

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