The city spray parks are good to go and ready to drench El Paso kids with buckets of water for water-splashing fun under the hot sun.

Here’s what you need to know about splash park hours, dates, rules, and where to find them.

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Since they first opened in 2018, each mini oasis in the desert has become a destination place to catch a break from the brutal El Paso heat. In addition to numerous water features, they all have shaded areas and picnic tables -- and best of all, all but one are free to use.

So, pack up some snacks, sunscreen and a few towels, have the kids throw on their swimsuits and swim diapers, and get to splashing.

Days and Hours

El Paso Parks & Recreation
El Paso Parks & Recreation

The 2023 season runs from May 27 to September 10. The parks are open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Locations of Spray Parks

There are a total of 9 spray parks and two splash pads throughout El Paso. There's even one just for dogs.

South El Paso: Chamizal Community Park, 2119 Cypress Avenue
West:Westside Community Park, 7400 High Ridge Dr.
Upper Valley: Braden Aboud Memorial Park, 4325 River Bend Dr.
Central: Grandview Park, 3100 Jefferson Ave
Lower Valley: Hidden Valley Park, 200 Coconut Tree Dr.
Lower Valley: Pavo Real Enhanced Park, 9301 Alameda Ave
Northeast: Sue Young Park, 9730 Diana Dr.
East: Marty Robbins Park, 11600 Vista Del Sol Dr.
Far East: Salvador Rivas Jr. Park, 12480 Pebble Hills Dr.

Splash Pads


The splash pads at San Jacinto Plaza downtown park and the El Paso Zoo also offer a respite from the heat, but on a smaller, less tricked out level. No water buckets and fountains at either, just cooling water jets shooting randomly out of the ground.

The San Jacinto pad follows the same operating procedures as the city-run splash parks, while operating hours for the pad at the zoo matches zoo days and hours. While free to use once inside the zoo, admission to the El Paso Zoo itself is required.

Spray Park No's and Don'ts

•No Lifeguards on duty
•Concrete is slippery when wet. No running in the spray park area
•No glass containers, bicycles, skate boards, or skates
•No food and drinks in the spray area
•No pets allowed
•Do not climb or hang on features
•Do not drink the water

El Paso's Canine Spray Park: K-9 Agent Bulder Memorial Dog Splash Park

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