It is hard to find true paradise when it comes to weather, but for the most part El Paso is pretty nice.

We certainly call it the "Sun City" for a reason. You won't find many places where you see 300+ days of sunshine per year, barely any snow and manageable cold weather. When it's hot, though... it's hot. And when it's WINDY... IT'S WINDY.

Windy season is typically at its worst in March and April, but it can rear its ugly head in The Borderland during just about any month. When the winds get cranking here in El Paso, they scream. And if we haven't seen much rain before a windy day, El Paso turns into a brown, dusty apocalypse.

Check out the wide variety of things that can happen on a windy day in El Paso:

We are talking trash cans IN POWER LINES, trash blowing everywhere, trampolines ending up in power lines or blocks away from its owner, traffic signals in the middle of the road and, of course, uprooted trees and roof damage.

Here are some tips and tricks that might help you out and save you a big headache before the windy days arrive:

  1. DON'T DRIVE: Trust me when I say you don't want to be driving on these days. Visibility sucks, tumbleweeds are everywhere, and as you saw in the photos above so could any other wide variety of objects.
  2. SECURE TRASH BINS: I've actually used a pumpkin to give an empty bin a little more weight. You could also use a rock. Just remember, these are no-no's on trash collection days.
  3. SAVE YOUR TRAMPOLINE: Cinder blocks or sand bags can go a long way keeping your trampoline in your yard. Otherwise, the wind LOVES these things.
  4. STOCK UP ON MASKS/ALLERGY MEDS: If you DO have to go outside, it might not be a bad idea to bring a mask with you. Dust is everywhere. Maybe pop an allergy pill, too.
  5. AVOID THE EYESORE: It may seem counterintuitive to wear sunglasses when it's so dusty, but they can help protect your eyes with all the dust in the air. Regular eyeglasses can work, too.
  6. PARK SMART: No one wants to find a tree on their car. Move your car into a garage if you have one, or park away from trees. It's no guarantee, but why risk it?

These are just a few things that have worked for us.

By the way, that garbage can in the power lines was successfully rescued:

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