Question: Do you love Doritos? Ok, second question: How much do you love Doritos? Do you love them so much that you would invest in a Dorito Liquor?

If you answered yes to all those questions, then this story is right up your alley because a liquor company, also dubbed as a flavor company, has just launched a Doritos-flavored liquor! 

Yes, you read that right – the fusion of nacho cheese and spirits is now a reality, thanks to the minds at Empirical, a Danish spirits company that has teamed up with the snack giants at PepsiCo.

An "official" Doritos liquor that mimics the taste of their iconic Nacho Cheese version has an impressive 84 proof, equivalent to 42% alcohol! DANG! Dorito lovers do not mess around. The "uncategorized" spirit is essentially the lovechild of your favorite cheesy snack and vodka.

Ok, but the real question is: Does it really capture the essence of Doritos? According to taste-testers, the answer is a resounding YES! 

“They've gone the extra mile by infusing actual Doritos into the liquor, creating a flavor profile that dances on the palate with the familiar zing of cheese dust.”

Not only does it taste like Doritos, but it also has the unmistakable scent of a bag of Doritos. A "Food & Wine" writer described its aroma as a "bouquet" brimming with the tang of cheese dust, though the aftertaste veers slightly into Fritos territory.

Lars Williams, a former chef and co-founder of Empirical, said that his journey into Dorito-infused booze began when an employee brought back a bag of the iconic chips from lunch.

Lars got curious and embarked on a flavorful experiment that has since become a small-batch sensation among friends.

Now, if you were hoping to snag a bottle just in time for Christmas, you’ll be sad to know that it isn’t for sale, yet.

The company is taking Pre-orders for the limited edition liquor and for just $65 you can be the most interesting person at your next party with a bottle of Doritos liquor!

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