A Texas man decided to bust some seriously impressive moves that had everyone's jaw-dropping!

We have absolutely no idea what's going on in the video at the bottom of the article, but it's entertaining, so why not bring a little joy to your life by sharing it with you?

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Unraveling the Wild Tale of the Texas Man's Highway Antics!

The Wild Encounter Unfolds

Our video opens with a man wearing a helmet standing in the middle of a Houston, Texas highway in front of a car as another person walks by.


Highway Taunting: The Play-By-Play

After the other person clears the road, the man starts taunting the car in front of him with some pretty sick karate moves. It's a sort of back step, then chop, then back step with the other leg and chop again.  Absolutely amazing.


Drivers' Reactions: Shock and Disbelief

The driver of the car sits there in disbelief, unable to drive forward. What would you do in this situation?  I guess you just wait until all the cars in the other lane clear, then hit the gas and get around him.


That's where the video ends, short but sweet. The cameraman did not seem like he was in the mood for any horseplay, as he said a couple words that we can't repeat here as he dropped the camera and ended the video.  Check it out for yourself below:



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