This squirrel now has a place to store their What-a-nuts!

Meet Dale, an orphaned squirrel who the Morgan family in Victoria, Texas decided to adopt one day after finding his mother dead on the road. After two years the squirrel is thriving, and, is now living in probably the most Texas house you could think of!

That's right, Dale the squirrel is now living in the Whataburger home of his dreams!

Keith Morgan via Whataburger Fanatics Facebook Group
Keith Morgan via Whataburger Fanatics Facebook Group

Captioned with the photo, that was posted on the Whataburger Fanatics Facebook group, Keith Morgan said:

My daughter took in an orphaned squirrel for about a year, so we had to build it a proper house.

How cute is this Whataburger mansion for Dale the Squirrel?! Dale's Whataburger home looks like it comes with its very own entrance with his name proudly displayed on top, a drive-thru and the iconic Whataburger "A" frame and sign! I wonder if it lights up?

The post on the Whataburger Fanatics Facebook Group has gotten over a thousand shares and tons of comments from both squirrel and Whataburger lovers.

Speaking with, Keith Morgan said this was all his daughter's idea since she's the one who has formed a friendship with Dale. And since his daughter is a Whataburger fan, it only made sense that Dale's new home be Whataburger themed!

Dale and his house are a hit in the neighborhood; and neighbors are impressed that Dale is actually pretty friendly. You can see more photos from Dale's Whataburger home here. If you're a Whataburger fanatic then you definitely need to join the Whataburger Fanatics group here.

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