Despite what many believe, cooking is an art. Chefs spend hours of their day making sure that they provide the best possible meals to their customers, and will do everything in their power to bring in more to try their dishes.

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Measuring the quality of these meals is usually reserved for well-known food critics, who provide an unbiased opinion of their experience.

One reviewer considers himself a critic for the people, and he just came through Arizona.

Who is Dave Portnoy?

If you're unaware of who Dave Portnoy (self titled El Stool Presidente) is, you likely have still seen his work. Portnoy founded the massively popular Barstool Sports, which has grown into a half-a-billion dollar media empire.

In his spare time, Portnoy does one thing: eat pizza. Venturing across the United States, Portnoy brings his show "One Bite" to pizza shops across the country. As expected by the name, Portnoy gives each stop one bite before giving a review.

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One Bite Comes to Phoenix

Portnoy is a frequent visitor to the Phoenix metro area, and has brought his show along with him on several occasions. In mid-April, Portnoy made his way back to the Valley with a mission. He stopped at four locations: Andiamo Pizzeria, Pizza on 40th, Trevor's Liquor, and Lamp Pizzeria.

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Most of these stops ended like most. One bite and a quick review sitting somewhere in the middle. Ironically enough, the one spot that stuck out to the Stool Presidente is the only one that's not a Pizza shop.

Portnoy's review of Trevor's Liquor broke all expectations. After his taste test, Portnoy claimed "How did we not know about this? This is great!" Trevor's received the highest score Arizona has ever gotten, with an 8.3/10.

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Portnoy issued a word of warning to the owners: get ready. Most pizza shops that Portnoy has reviewed positively have seen a massive spike in business, and it looks like Trevor's needs to prepare for the rush of a lifetime.



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