It is an odd satisfaction we have watching a bunch of dominoes falling over without stopping! It was always fun to put a bunch of dominoes in line to knock over but not as many as 128,000! I feel if a team and I put over 100 thousand dominoes in line to knock over would leave me bittersweet. It is like you put all that hard work in to just knock it all down for fun. This has got to be the first and longest domino set up the people built just to knock down. This video took over 6 minutes to watch a total of 128,000 dominoes falling down. This domino effect will take you around the world which you will notice several flags shown. It would hurt to see how much time and effort you put into a project that will be quickly destroyed. Ahmid Samir has a love for dominoes and gives you a front row seat.

Check out this cool video of 128,000 dominoes that holds two World Records!


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