This has got to be the coolest attempt to break the Guinness World Record! BMW USA has been busting their butts off to figure out a way to develop a refueling system to refuel while the car is still in motion.

The World Record driver Johan Schwartz, refuel driver Matt Mullins, and refueler Matt Butts trained hard for this. They wanted to take the title for the longest drift going non-stop for 8 hours straight without stopping. The only way these guys could win the title for the Guinness World Record is by driving and refueling without stopping. It's been possible to refuel jets and military aircraft but never thought it would be possible for a car. Now we know that it is possible to refuel a car while in drive but is dangerous so please leave this to the professionals.

This will definitely give you wetties if you're into fast cars and drifting!

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