A Dallas, Texas native put his juggling skills to use when he set a new Guinness World Record. Josh Horton is the man who set a new Guinness World Record for juggling 5 basketballs.

This dude is known as the World's best juggler or juggling extraordinaire and handle his basketballs well during a juggle session. As it is juggling is a difficult skill especially when you're dealing with bigger props. Josh's record-breaking time that earned him a slot in the Guinness World Record was 1:01:27. Jake and Josh took advantage of testing their recording equipment to film this unbelievable moment. Everyone knows making it to the Guinness World Record would NEVER be easy but Josh thought it was worth a shot. This is just proof that you can do anything you put your heart and soul into with LOTS of practice.

Check out Josh and his amazing juggling skills as he tosses up 5 basketballs in the air!

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