Some official science stuff proves that bassists are way more important than people think.

A study done by Canada's McMaster University found that the proverbial "low end' is most important because our brains find rhythm quicker, if the notes used are lower.

Another thing: Bassists control the harmonic and melodic direction of the music. As RHCP bassist Flea told

The piano player can play a C chord on the piano, but it's only a C chord if I play C on the bass. If I play something else, it's a totally different chord. "[Bass] controls the harmony. If you are also a singer, you control the top – yes, I'm a control freak! So everybody performs within your parameters. As a bandleader, it's a very good position to be in."

Other research shows lower tones are more associated with dominance. The heavier the bass in a song, the more it inspires power and drive within the listener.

Basically, no pun intended, music without bass would be weak. So there. Now, everyone get back to making fun of drummers.

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