You're not alone if you have aviophobia, which is the fear of flying and prefer to travel any other way but that way. I also have aviophobia and prefer to either drive or take the Amtrak on long distant travels.

I made a list of my 4 favorite and popular musicians that share aviophobia with me. I've never enjoyed flying in a plane and certainly didn't enjoy it the last time when I was 5. I remember the little turbulence I felt I would be praying to God that I wouldn't lie to my parents. There are even people who are afraid of being in a car which must make life even harder on them. Even the time I was in high school, I was a Junior at Coronado High School when we spent the whole day watching the news on September 11, 2001. That was just another reminder of why I feared flying and will always be afraid to fly. Now TMZ caught up with Post Malone and discussed that close call he had in the sky.

As many as 12.5% of Americans struggle with a phobia in the United States.

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    Post Malone

    Now Post Malone recently had a scare when he was on a plane that left him worried. He right off the bat says how he hates flying and explains the play by play in the plane that day.

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    Travis Barker

    As for Blink 182's drummer, Travis Barker didn't mind flying until that one fatal night that changed him. After he was involved in a plane crash and survived, he also developed aviophobia. Of course, any kind of traumatic experience like this would give you aviophobia!

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    Thom Yorke

    Not only did Thom Yorke have aviophobia, he also developed a phobia of cars from a car crash he was in many years ago. His car accident was in 1987 and later would also be a part of songs like "Karma Police" and "Rabit In Your Headlights."

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    Johnny Cash

    Johnny Cash not only had a fear of flying but also had a fear of snakes. A lot of people assumed Johnny Cash was fearless but in reality, he did have a few fears.