I've been playing bass for years and Cliff Burtons bass solo "Anesthesia" (Pulling Teeth) from "Kill 'Em All" is still one of my favorite bass solos.

I still can't really play it but I love it. (I can play the notes, I just haven't ever been able to capture the 'feel' of it.) It was one of the first times I ever heard a bass player really step up and bust out of the traditional role.  Cliff inspired a ton of bass players and changed the game for rock bassists before being killed in a tour bus accident. (If you're not familiar with Cliffs' work, Dubba G's happy to help!)

Now, Cliff is being honored by Aria basses with his own signature Aria Pro II bass.  After going over and over and over his likes, dislikes, and preferences with those who knew him best (his dad, members of Metallica, etc...) the Cliff Burton signature bass was debuted at the NAMM trade show.

Fin Costello/Redferns, Getty Images
Fin Costello/Redferns, Getty Images

Here are a few specs to get you technical geeks drooling.

* Headstock: Original SB Design  * Neck Shape: Standard, Medium * Neck: 7 Ply Maple/Walnut * Neck Joint: Neck-through, Heel-less Cutaway * Tuners: Handmade Solid Brass Tuner Buttons, 24 K Gold Plated * Nut: 40mm Width Solid Brass *Fretboard Scale: 34" or 864mm * Frets: 24 Frets * Fretboard: Rosewood * Fretboard Inlays: Cat Eye, Mother of Pearl Inlays * Body Shape: Original SB Shape * Body Material: Alder * Pickup: Aria MB-V Passive Pickup * Controls: 1xVolume, 1xTone, 1-Dual Sound Mini-Toggle Switch *24K Gold Plated Saddles and Black Plated Body

Current Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo gave "Anesthesia" an impromptu run through on the new bass during NAMM.  The sound quality ... of the video, not the bass ... isn't that great (and he doesn't do the whole song) but it's still pretty cool to watch!

Not bad ... that guy could go places!  \m/

I hope Hero Music on Gateway East gets some of these in ... I sooooooo want one!!  Here's Cliff pulling some teeth himself in 1986. (Careful, language is NSFW.)


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