I remember the first time I tried beer. I also remember the first time I tried a craft beer. Hated them both time. The first time I tried a beer was when I was a kid. I took a sip of my dad's beer during a Super Bowl party. I thought it was disgusting. As far as craft beer goes, I was 18 years old. I don't remember what kind of beer it was, I just remember not liking it and the guy who gave it to me just said "Yeah, it's an acquired taste." At that point, if you would have asked me if I would ever like craft beer, I would have given you a resounding "no".

But here we are, over 20 years later and I love me some craft beer. I'm a big fan of either an IPA or a high-alcohol content stout. You know, the kind of beer that looks like your drinking motor oil? Mmm mmmmm! A couple of my favorites are Southern Star Black Crack or Martin House Brewing Company's Charon. Both are stouts with pretty high alcohol content. Black Crack has 10% ABV, and Charon has a whopping 16% ABV.

So here on National Drink Beer Day, let's hear it. What is your favorite beer? Here in El Paso, are we going to go totally stereotypical with Modelo? What about one of the amazing craft beers from local breweries like Deadbeach. Abuela Stout? Mmmmm. Or maybe you're like Teddy from Brooklyn 99 and love yourself a pilsner.

Whatever you like, go ahead and grab a cold one today and celebrate National Drink Beer Day.


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