The heavy metal mariachi group Metalachi is making their way back to El Paso to bring us their unique mix of metal and mariachi music. If you're looking for a fun and unique evening mixing metal and mariachi music together, let me tell you about Metalachi. Metalachi has been to the Sun City a few times and grows their fanbase every time they play a show. This is a loud and raucous show you don't want to miss, filled with high energy, dirty jokes, and some kick-ass rock songs. On top of all of this, the band contains a pretty talented group of musicians. The consists of a group of brothers, but they've also picked up some other members like "Queen" Kyla Vera. The group is originally from Juarez but now reside in the heart of 80s hair metal- Hollywood, California. Check out some of their music in the video above and make sure you see them when they come to El Paso. Find out more about this event at the Facebook Event Page.

Rolf Brenner

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