Halloween is right around the corner, and it seems that some are already getting more into the tricks, rather than treats. Amarillo Police found themselves chasing down not one, but two stolen vehicles this morning.

Some would be thieves decided to try and make off with two stolen Kia Souls.

Soul Filled Drama On Amarillo Streets

According to news reports, it was around 3 AM when an officer saw the two Kia Souls that matched the description for recently stolen vehicles. The officer alerted other units, and an attempt to stop the drivers was made.

They did not stop.

A chase ensued, and while the officer lost sight of one of the vehicles, they were able to continue chasing the other. That driver made the mistake of turning down a dead end street.

They ditched the car, and took off on foot...which pretty much never ends well. The suspect was caught and arrested.

According to reports, an officer was injured during the incident. At this time, there is no additional information available regarding their injuries.

Why Go For A Kia Soul?

That was my first question. If you're going to risk doing some hard time for running off in a vehicle that does not belong to you, why in the world would you go for a Kia Soul?

I get that hatchbacks are nice for the usual added storage space. I understand that the Kia Soul toes the line between being a standard hatchback and an SUV.

Sure, they're spacious and you can fit the whole family in one. But why not go for something a little sportier?

The most you're probably going to get is a short joyride out of the situation before police nab your thieving butt and haul it to jail. Why go for a family vehicle?

Here's to hoping they catch the other suspect, and that the officer that was injured is able to make a full recovery.

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