There are not many video games based in El Paso. Besides the Call of Juarez series, there was an El Paso author, Jaime Portillo, who created the Hell Paso series (which DID become a video game).  We DID however get teased about a 3rd person shooter game set in El Paso last year called El Paso Elsewhere. And yes it has some SERIOUS Max Payne vibes.

The creator of El Paso Elsewhere is a man by the name of Xalavier Nelson Jr. He's a developer for the studio Strange Scaffold. Xalavier was interviewed about the game a month after the trailer came out, where he talked about the struggles of creating an indie game. He even talked with NME Gaming about how living in El Paso inspired him to create the game.

Joanna wrote about the announcement of El Paso Elsewhere when it was announced at E3 2021. It was supposed to come out in 2022. Well... it's 2022 but it's not out yet so... what's going on?

Well there WAS another trailer that came out in Dec of 2021.

After that we didn't see any updates on the game. It looked like the game might not come out this year...

The 3rd trailer would be uploaded onto YouTube the same day as well.

So the game IS still being worked on but we just have to wait another year. There's no month or day yet; just 2023. But people CAN add the game into their wishlist on Steam right now.

I know making a video game can be VERY difficulty & time consuming (I have a friend who's working on his OWN video game right now). Hopefully we WILL get to play the game next year & hopefully we will see more positive updates this year.

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