Seeing El Paso in any form of media whether it's a song, movie, tv show or video game is always exciting. We know our brothers to the west in Las Cruces have been making video games video, but there's actually a few video games set here in El Paso (and Juarez) that you probably didn't know about.

Fans of Old School Consoles

Fans of the Nintendo 64 might remember this strange racing game called Off Road Challenge, created by Midway that focuses on racing off road in various tracks such as the Mojave Desert, Vegas and yes... El Paso TX. I remember having this game when I was young & this became my favorite level in the game. (Gee I wonder why...)

El Paso has appeared in some 1st Person Shooters

Fans of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 might recall the part of the game where you must cross the US/Mexico Border in the state of Texas. Some very sharp eyed people on Reddit pointed out that the satellite map in the game shows a picture of Las Alamas Mexico is a real picture of Juarez & Chihuahua Mexico... and El Paso.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2: Another first person shooter that has another level based on the US/Mexico border. This time, this takes place near the very end of the game; where you must cross into Juarez and El Paso TX before beating the game.

Even 8-bit games

Based on the old 1966 film of the same name; Manos The Hands of Fate is a retelling of the movie in an 8 bit video game form nearly 50 years later in 2012. The film was set in El Paso, Texas & the game, since it's a based off the movie, is also set in El Paso.

Don't forget indie games

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine: The indie developers Dim Bulb Games & Serenity Forge created this game back in 2018 all about a traveler going across the United States in the Great Depression era listening to many different stories. One of the cities is indeed El Paso; there's a character named Rocio outside of the city and even a mention to the Plaza Theater in one of the in game stories.

You can find El Paso near the end of the first video and in the beginning of the 2nd.

El Paso Nightmare: From the makers of El Paso, Elsewhere, they released a spin off game called El Paso Nightmare last year just in time for Halloween. You play as Luis Rojas, a poor soul that gets transported into another dimension where you must escape while fighting off and killing creatures.

Honorable Mention - Call of Juarez: Yes I had to mention the Call of Juarez series. After all, it has Juarez in the title. There's at least 4 entries in the CoJ series: Call of Juarez (2006), Bound In Blood (2009), The Cartel (2011) & Gunslinger (2013).

You can find even more video games set in Texas right here.

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