Are you looking for a sure-fire way to get in the holiday mood?  We've got it right here in the desert.We have been experiencing fantastic fall weather here in good old El Paso.  It's been great, but it doesn't really feel like Christmas when you are still seeing people running around in shorts.  Here's a way you can bundle up and get in the holiday spirit.  You can go ice skating!  The Rhinos hockey team plays at the Coliseum events center and they open up the rink for public skating.

The KLAQ Morning Show invited everyone out last Friday to come skate with us, and boy was it fun.  If not a little terrifying for me.  I use to slide across the kitchen floor pretending to ice skate as a kid but had never tried the real thing.  The atmosphere at the rink is cold and everyone was bundled up.  It was a great experience, seeing skaters of all ages and levels of expertise.  I held on to the side the whole time, but still had a great time.  Duke and Mando took a couple of spills, but I have to hand it to them. At least they left the railing!  Buzz hurt his foot just putting on his skates, so no props there!  You can check out all the details here.  But enjoy the photos and go out and give it a try.  You may never get to the Olympics, but you will have a good time!


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