It's one of those days where the stars align and we had multiple things about 90's rap. The first was during the Yes or BS quiz. A question, that Buzz got correct, was whether or not Jay Z wrote a song for Bugs Bunny that was on the Space Jam Soundtrack. If you don't believe it exists, here is the video. Fast forward to 1:36 and you can even hear a line about Donald Trump.

So of course this immediately led me to a song I absolutely loved and still do to this day. It also is from Space Jam and features Method Man, B Real, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Coolio, who we'll come back to in a moment.

And now back to Coolio. We got to interview him today, and even though most people think of Gangsta's Paradise, I always think of Fantastic Voyage. Because in high school I had to perform a lip-sync to the song, and one of my friends in the class was in a wheel chair. So we turned the chair into a car where we had people pop out of the trunk.