Twice the rock all day today and that got me thinking about bands with 2 times the talent.  I'm talking (writing) about bands featuring brothers ... let's take a look at a few!!

For me one of the pivotal moments in my musical upbringing came when I heard the Van Halen Brothers for the first time!!  Since '74 Eddie and Alex have come a looooooong way. And have brought rock n roll a long way with them!!  (Not to mention the effect they've had on guitar and drum theory!)  3 singers and 2 bass players down the line, the 2 brothers are still tight as ever ... musically and personally!  While I'm sure they get into it from time to time, you never seem to hear about big issues or personality conflicts with these two. Somewhat rare in the world of rockin brotherhood!!

Van Halen - You Really Got Me by hushhush112

On that note, how about the rockin' Bros that wrote that little ditty??  Ray and Dave Davies of  The Kinks came up with that first!  These two have had their disagreements over the years, but nothing huge!  While feuds with band members have been almost legendary ... and the brothers themselves quit working together long ago ... they seem to care alot for each other. As of early 2011, they were talking about a reunion!!

As far as feuding brothers go, I don't think anyone can top the Gallagher brothers of Oasis!!  Liam and Noel wrote the book on brother vs. brother, fighting!  Physically (and verbally) taunting each other .. even at each others concerts!! .. and generally just HATIN' on each other.  Last I heard, NOOOO talks of a reunion here!

The Black Crowes.  Another brother band of the slightly disfunctional variety!  Chris and Rich Robinson haven't always seen eye to eye on things and even parted ways at one point.  They pulled back together and over the course of their career have been quite succesful (Chris got to hook up with Kate Hudson!! Nice!!!!)  The band hooked up with Jimmy Page at one point and with Gretchen Wilson at another.  That one wasn't for fun (or "fun") though ... they sued Gretchen for copywrite infringement!!  At this time, The Crowes are on their "Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys Tour"; after which they're planning a long break. Their future is undecided.

How about STP??  The Deleo Brothers .. Robert and Dean .. have a couple of bands under their belt and seem to get along pretty well.  (I've worked with them a couple of times .. most recently at the KLAQ Balloonfest a few years back .. and they've always been really cool.)  That particular Balloonfest was in their Army Of Anyone  phase; after Scott Weilands meltdown and the dissolution of The Stone Temple Pilots. (Or disintegration .. whichever.) A good band for sure, but the world will always remember them for their work as STP!!

The Kings Of Leon.  A trio this time!! ... Caleb, Jared and Matthew Followill.  Sorry to say these guys are temporarily out of action.  Caleb recently got plowed at a show in Texas and walked off the stage.  All subsequent dates for KOL have been scrapped while Caleb hits up the nearest rehab center.  I don't know for sure how they get along overall, but right now there is some tension.  To say the least.......

Last, but CERTAINLY not least .......


Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell.  The Abbott brothers brought metal to a whole new level as Pantera.  After Pantera, they continued on as Damageplan and then did a cd with one of the original country outlaws, David Allan Coe as Rebel Meets Rebel. ("Nothing To Lose" is still one of my favorite songs ... EVER!!)

These two loved each other as much as they loved their fans ... and that is a f****ng LOT!  As with all brothers, they surely had their differences but they held together through thick and thin.  Good times or bad, their bond was unshakeable and they stayed loyal to the end.  Albeit an end that came to soon. 

Dimebags brother Vinnie was with him til .. and AT .. that end.  Behind the drums as always the night a worthless, unstable piece of s*** shot Darrell several times in the head during a performance.  December 8th (the same day John Lennon was assasinated many years before) 2004. An event that brings a tear to my eye even still.  

Vinnie was spared that night, but he was devastated.  He knew though that he couldn't give up the life he and Dime had struggled for.  He rose from the ashes and continues to record and tour with Hellyeah.

There are a few other "brother" bands out there, but hopefully these few entertained you for awhile!!  To read about a few more, visit!

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