The Polar Vortex brought brutally frigid temperature to the mid-west. Different species deal with the cold different ways. Birds migrate south. Bears hibernate. And humans, apparently, post on social media about weird things that freeze. It was SO COLD last week…

Vodka's not supposed to freeze. That’s why you can keep it in the freezer. But if the temperature gets to -16 your will get frozen potato liquor or, as Lisa calls it, Vodkasicles.

2.) You Should Avoid Talking Outside. And Breathing.


I assume you also shouldn’t sneeze outdoors because it would instantly freeze and you would suffocate.

It’s not surprising that you’d be robbed in Chicago. The surprising part is that they didn’t shoot you first.  Must be too cold to use a gun without your finger freezing to the trigger.

4.) Anti-Freeze…FROZE

C’mon, Antifreeze. You had ONE JOB!

5.) Wet T-Shirts Can Fly

Who says you can’t have a wet T-Shirt contest in sub-zero temperatures?

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