Have you ever wondered how McDonald's makes their burgers look perfect compared to when you order one? This is how they make their advertisement of burgers look perfect than how they really look.

Viralicious goes behind the scenes and shows you how they make the burgers look mouth watering. They have a team work together such as the photographer, a food stylist and a imaging stylist. They do use all the same exact ingredients that McDonald's uses for the quarter pounder with cheese. You will notice how the food stylist is really precise on how to place each ingredient on the burger. But that is why McDonald's is known as a fast food joint to get you your order out in a rush. Hence, the exact reason your burgers don't look like they do in the advertisements you see. If they took the time they do for their photo shoot McDonald's wouldn't be fast food and more of a dine in joint.

If you've ever been curious about the process on advertising for McDonald's this is how they sell their menu!

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