Garland is getting things ready in time for spooky season with their new film festival!

It Came From Texas Film Festival

"It Came from Texas" and it's coming to a movie theater in Garland! The city of Garland's Cultural Arts presents "It Came From Texas Film Festival" that feature eleven films made in Texas with double features, campy classics and horror!

When & Where

Taking place on the weekend of October 28 through the 29 at the Plaza Theatre at 521 W. State Street in Garland. We're talking about B-movies, sci-fi flicks and, of course, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

All the films presented at the film festival have been filmed somewhere in the Lone Star state, and some have gone on to become some cult-favorites like Manos: The Hands of Fate, which was filmed here in El Paso!

This film festival looks like it will truly be one of a kind; it's not everyday that you can see some of the most campy sci-fi films that made their rounds at drive-in theaters across the country in the 1950's and '60's! It's like a Texas time warp!

There will also be a post-screening Q&A portion with writer/director/producer, Joe O’Connell- who directed Rondo and Bob. The documentary revolves around Robert A. Burns, art director on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, who was obsessed with actor Rondo Hatton (AKA The Creeper). Burns was average looking but brimming with odd creativity. Hatton, who suffered from acromegaly, had a strangely unique appearance but was a regular guy.

Aliens, monsters and freaks get the big screen treatment. You can check out the entire film list and dates here.

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