Movie fans will rejoice knowing there is a new movie theater opening this weekend in El Paso but with an old-school twist.
As the weather warms up in El Paso, people are looking for new ways to spend time with their friends and family. Kids are getting out of school, parents are preparing for vacation days from work, and groups of friends want new ways to spend time with each other.
Nikki Gonzalez
A great way to spend some quality time is watching a movie and there's a new outdoor movie theater that is bringing back the good old days with a classic drive-in movie theater.
The Blue Moon Drive-In is a new outdoor theater, giving patrons an authentic vintage feel. The theater will specialize in vintage movies and sell delicious food and drinks for cash only- just like the good old days. The film-inspired atmosphere will give you the feeling you've traveled back in time to the days of poodle skirts.
Nikki Gonzalez
The Blue Moon Drive-In is located at 3019 1/2 Gateway Blvd W 79903 in El Paso. This weekend they will be showing the 1955 Sci-Fi classic "This Island Earth". According to their Instagram post, the movie is about a scientist who solves a puzzle allowing him to access a highly secretive program. The program has assembled the world's greatest scientific minds to learn how to create and store nuclear power. But some of the scientists realize their leader isn't who he seems to be.
Tickets are $15 and include the movie, a drink, chips, and a choice of hamburger, cheeseburger, hot dog, or a slice of pizza. To reserve your ticket, please message them on Facebook or Instagram to reserve your seats.
Nikki Gonzalez
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