Could everybody's favorite character be on his way out?

On the AMC show The Walking Dead, the most beloved character, arguably, is Daryl Dixon. There are a couple of rumors floating around after Sunday night's episode though that may signal the beginning of the end for Daryl. Careful, spoilers ahead...

  • First, a new character named Negan arrives soon and, in the comic books, he immediately kills Glenn. Writer Scott Gimple says the show "takes a hard left" at that point though which seems to mean that someone other than Glenn dies. Daryl?
  • Daryl kills a bunch of Negan's men and a mysterious car sits way off in the background as it happens. If Negan is in that car, that means he saw Daryl wipe out his crew and will surely want revenge.
  • During the scuffle with Negan's boys, Daryl was hurt, stabbed I assume, in his left shoulder. In the comic books, Negan's guys dip their blades in Zombie slime so that whoever they cut or stab is instantly infected. Daryl's clock may already be ticking.
  • Actor Andrew Lincoln has already read the scripts and he says that something about them, presumably a regular characters death, made him sick to his stomach.

Two more things. One, Daryl's character doesn't even exist in the comic books. A fact that often causes writing and continuity problems for the story overall. Second, Norman Reedus is developing a new show for AMC. Working on that could limit, or completely end, his ability to film The Walking Dead.





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