The coolest Walking Dead character is about to get a new show.

Norman Reedus, Daryl on AMC's The Walking Dead, is the coolest character on the show mostly, because of the dope chopper. It turns out, he really is an avid biker and he's about to get his own motorcycle-themed TV show.

"Ride With Norman Reedus" will feature Norman riding across America. He'll visit various cities checking out bike shops, tattoo parlors, biker bars and other places along with guest actors, artists and everyday bikers.

AMC original programming president Joel Stillerman said:

“There is nobody more passionate about motorcycles than Norman Reedus,” “He is an avid rider and aficionado who is deeply immersed in motorcycle culture. There is also nobody more fun to hang out with. This show will bring those two elements together for a weekly ride into the incredible world of motorcycles and the people who live and breathe them.”

They should totally do a special, Halloween show where he rides with all the dead Sons Of Anarchy characters!