Years ago some El Paso hikers went hiking in McKelligon Canyon and found a mysterious cave. After they discovered this cave, a naked man out of nowhere jumped out of the cave and scared the hikers away.

Now, this incident happened back in 2012 and was wondering if you or anyone you know have spotted this hidden cave and the caveman. The hikers that found the hidden cave were chased away by the caveman that was apparently naked. Then later one hiker returned with the Abc 7 camera crew but wasn't chased this time. Now it has been quite some time since 2012 and was wondering if that caveman is still hiding up in the mountain. The man had stated he had been living on the mountain for 3 years and his reason why was surviving. The caveman gave a statement about his lifestyle, hygiene, and what he plans on doing with the money he saves. He prefers to be titled as the "mountain man" instead of what the internet labeled him as.. " the naked caveman." This hidden cave looks as if it is near the streets of Fred Wilson and Alabama by Beaumont Hospital.

If you ever plan on searching for the mountain man's hidden cave, you could get charged with trespassing!

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