This is a scary thought but is it true? Does Starbucks have better Wifi security than the Pentagon? An Air Force Colonel answered this question that most people wouldn't even think before now.

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When defense attorneys for the Guantanamo Bay detainees look for somewhere to email documents relating to their case, do they head to the secure offices of the Pentagon, or the hipster filled coffee house Starbucks?

Surprisingly, the answer is Starbucks. The defense attorneys told the court that the Wi-Fi connection at the coffee house was more secure than the Pentagon's system. In pretrial hearings, lawyers had said that they had conducted their business in Starbucks rather than at the Pentagon.

Air Force Colonel Karen Mayberry, the chief defense counsel for the war crimes tribunal, told the judge this information while asking for more time to prepare for the case. She said the Starbuck's Wi-Fi may or may not be secure, but she was positive that the DoD internet was compromised. Files that were being used by the defense were being lost, while some were mysteriously changed.

So if you want a secure internet connection, don't look at the Pentagon, may we suggest the Starbucks on Mesa?

Starbucks Wi-Fi More Secure Than Pentagon Wi-Fi