Some people will actually make an argument about when the right time to eat pan dulce is. Then there are those who consider it an honor to eat something sweet for breakfast and dinner!

Joanna was recently shocked about people eating Menudo with tortillas which caused quite the stir.  Joanna taught me something new and recently learned about people having a preferred time to eat pan dulce while others love eating it twice a day. When I was younger I was the one who would only eat the sugar coating on top and leave the rest for my parents to finish. But as I got older, I just kind of strayed away from pan dulce and haven't had it in a long time. Someone I once knew would put some butter on the pan dulce, heat it up, then eat it with a fork and a knife. Now that person would argue that the correct time to eat sweet bread was for dinner only. We're allowed to have our own opinions and beliefs when it comes down to matters like this. I am curious how many of you still eat pan dulce for breakfast, dinner, or both?

When do you prefer to eat your pan dulce when you're too lazy to make something to eat?