Sometimes you really just need a good concha, or cinnamon roll. Luckily, in El Paso, Texas, you're never too far off from a really great bakery to get your fix!

Bakeries in El Paso not only offer your usual confectionary selection like delicious cakes and cupcakes, but you will also find some amazing Mexican sweet bread. Now, everyone has their favorite go-to for sweet bread; but sometimes you want to venture out and try something new.

If you're looking for somewhere new to check out for some pan dulce, then you're in luck, I asked fellow El Pasoans where they like to go for pan dulce and, of course, they did not disappoint with their answers!

Here are 12 favorite bakeries, or panaderias, you can check out for pan dulce in El Paso!

12 Favorite El Paso Bakeries for Pan Dulce

Looking to try a new place? Check out the 12 favorite bakeries El Pasoans love to get their pan dulce!

Some of these bakeries, or panaderias,  have been around for so long that they've become kind of iconic, and some of these bakeries are quite new- but have quickly become favorites across the borderland.

Lots of these bakeries offer more than just pan dulce. Some offer burritos, sandwiches and other lunch time snacks. Which makes them a perfect one stop shop for the lunch crowd. Some even sell the barbacoa by the pound! And don't forget the tortillas!

The best part about all of these bakeries? All local, not a single chain. Which means not only are you getting a sweet treat, but you're supporting your local El Pasoan. So grab yourself a concha, and support local!

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