A new article is making rounds on the internet quoting an interview where McConaughey says he is relocating to El Paso. But is it true?

A new article from Headline Brief is making rounds on Facebook claiming that award winning actor Matthew McConaughey is moving to the Sun City.

But is it true?

Here is what the article is saying:

Oscar winning Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey announced in an interview yesterday that he is looking for a change in life and has decided to move to El Paso, Texas.  “I like west Texas and I like the people there.  The people there are real; they’re genuine and I don’t have to always question their sincerity and I think it would be a hell of a great place to raise my family.”

The magazine was told that Mr. McConaughey spent some time in El Paso not long ago and apparently fell in love with the El Paso area.  We’re not sure what the residents of El Paso will think about his move there but we imagine he’ll be received with a warm welcome.

There was no word on whether Mr. McConaughey would be selling his home in Austin, TX or if the home in El Paso would be his full time residence.

The problem with this article is the interview was supposedly from yesterday (3/13), but it doesn't say what magazine and doesn't link back to the original source. Without that, we don't know if this is accurate. Also, the article doesn't tell us what day is was written.

That's because Headline Brief is a "fantasy news site." So apparently, someone somewhere really wants Matt in the Sun City, and they just made it up.

Also, not to burst everyone's excitement bubble, but in an interview with Men's Journal back in May 2009, McConaughey and his friend discuss road tripping through the United States and mention El Paso:

During one trip (McConaughey's friend) joined him on, from Texas to L.A., McConaughey decided he was sick of seeing El Paso, so they took a long detour through rural New Mexico. This was 1999, well after McConaughey had become famous. They pulled into a motel and saw a flyer for the New Mexico Karaoke championships. McConaughey just had to see what that was about. They ended up competing, but not winning, and then the town's sheriff bought them dinner at 3 am.

Guess we'll never know if he got over being "sick of seeing El Paso." But you have to admit, It would be pretty cool to head to Lucy's Cafe for the usual hangover food and have McConaughey sitting next to you.

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