If all of us who have watched “Cobra Kai” on Netflix or (if you’re OG like me) on YouTube, can agree on one thing: it was nice finding out whatever happened to Daniel LaRusso. I guess it didn’t work out with Elizabeth Shue but it seems that winning the All Valley Karate Tournament gave Daniel the confidence to become a successful businessman, father and community leader. All that “waxing on, waxing off” and “scrub the floor” gave Daniel the work ethic to open one of the biggest auto dealers in the Greater Los Angeles metro area.

So, things have worked out for Daniel LaRusso. But, what about Eugene Martone? How about Bill Gambini? Did Eugene ever become a famous blues guitarist? I mean, he DID beat Satan’s best guitarist, Steve Vai, in a “head-cuttin’” contest 35 years ago.

Don’t we deserve to see how it all worked out for Eugene? Maybe Steve Vai’s character has been stewing and seething all these years just waiting for a rematch? C’mon, Netflix! What’s the hold-up

And, Bill Gambini? You would think, after NEARLY getting falsely convicted of murder, that would really affect the course of a “yute’s” life going forward. Did he stay on the right side of the law (and out of the Deep South)? Did he idolize his cousin Vinny so much that he pursued a career in law himself? We’ll only know if we put pressure on the “powers that be”.

That’s why I’m creating the E.R.M.C.U. Project. The Expanded Ralph Macchio Cinematic Universe Project will put pressure on Netflix, YouTube Red, Hulu, Amazon and, I shudder to say it, but EVEN Quibi to expand these beloved Ralph Macchio characters into spin-off series. In a few days, I’ll be asking you to include your signature in a petition to bring these projects to fruition. If enough of us demand it, they’ll HAVE to listen.

Also, I know Johnny Cabe died at the end of “The Outsiders” so that feels like it’s settled. BUT…although we know Johnny died, we still have no idea if Pony Boy stayed gold or not.

Answers, Netflix. We demand them.

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