We all know about sucking in helium and then sounding like an elf for the next 20 to 30 seconds. But what about sucking in cold air? Well, this video shows a guy inhaling "cold air" and the end result is him sounding just like Morgan Freeman.

But here's the deal with the video. It's just regular air in that balloon. It's not "cold air" or anything special. It's just the guy, Boet Schouwink, doing an amazing Morgan Freeman impression. I started to look into inhaling cold air and nothing popped up. Then I started reading the comments on the video and Schouwink responds to people admitting that it's just him doing an impression. He responded to one comment with:

"The 'cold air'-part is total bulls***. Otherwise half the population would talk like Barry White in winter...:) The fact that I sound like that is true. There's no gimmicks or lip-syncing or whatever. It's just me talking..."