Rock climbing is a pretty exciting activity but, well ... to be honest ... it has it's drawbacks.

If you prefer to do it without enduring high temperatures, snakebite risks, sunburns, purchasing expensive shoes and gear, (and minus the potential for death), visit Cave Climbing Gym, 113 Executive Center Blvd.  Inside climbs are safer and more comfy but, outside climbs are also offered and all are done with an eye toward safety. According to the Las Cruces Sun News:

Outdoor bouldering is done with crash pads — thick, transportable mats that softly break short falls. The indoor gym is equipped with a fully padded floor for the safest and softest possible landing from falls. The indoor gym also includes special route-setting for climbers that want to stay close to the ground. This technique, known as traversing, enables climbers to practice with more side to side, and less vertical, movement.

They also offer climbing classes and day trips to area climbing spots like Hueco Tanks and the Franklin Mountains. Indoor climbing events include competitive climbing and "blacklight" climbing where everything is lit only by blacklights.  For more info, call (915) 502-0885 or visit their website.

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