Whoever says people from El Paso are lazy, are wrong. Many people are extremely active here & goal-driven. Whether it's to make something of yourself, or simply just having a day where nothing goes wrong. One local newscaster made it a goal to conquer the Spartan Challenge & she did.

For anyone who hasn't heard of the Spartan Challenge, it's a very intense race that's held in different places around the US & the world. The race has no track; it's all about completing the course in the wild overcoming many obstacles.

In a nutshell... not everyone can do it but those who do it, are EXTREMELY driven & train a TON to finish it. One local newscaster, Emilia Zubia from All In El Paso, recently competed in the one held in Austin, back on May 21st & 22nd. She explained that she trained for 3 months prior, focusing a lot on her pull up strength, her core & definitely focused on her running. When the day came, it was Emilia & 5 of her friends ready to compete:

  • Adrian Fernandez
  • Roberto Gutierrez
  • Jacob Jones
  • Samuel Vega
  • & Zach Alicea

After running 62 miles for 2 and a half hours, she did it.

When I asked her about her experience, she was quick to say: "10 minutes in I was like 'what am i doing???'. But after the first obstacle, it was liberating. You're by yourself: all 10k, al 25 obstacles, all 2.5 hours. It was, in a way, a sense of self discovery. You finish a sense of 'yeah... I did that. I can do anything...Being to do this with friends & coming back home showing off & feeling invincible... it was amazing!"

Emilia V. Zubia
Emilia V. Zubia

Even though she was the last one in the group to finish the race, she didn't care. She took on Spartan Challenge, she beat it & said that she would do it again.

Personally I know I could NEVER do anything as grueling or intense like the Spartan Challenge. But everyone who DOES, gets my respect.

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