Again, disclaimer here. No matter how much you want to drink during the inauguration, always drink responsibly and in moderation.

With the inauguration happening, I felt it was perfect for a drinking game. The festivities start tomorrow at 10:30 CST. I originally looked up the words that Trump uses the most and this website popped up. As I clicked through the words, this list had to be compiled during the campaign, because it's all super negative. Now he can still be negative, but I have a feeling he's going to be more positive during the inauguration.

So, with that being said. Take a drink every time:

  • Trump says:
    • "I", "me" or talks about himself
    • "Amazing"
    • "Great" or "greatest"
    • "Best"
    • "Bigly"
  • Anytime someone goes to perform and you have to ask yourself "Who the f### is that?"
  • When the cameras flash to Barack or Michelle Obama and they look bored, or disgusted.
  • Or on the flip side, when you can tell they are fake smiling their way through it.
  • And finally anytime Trump uses his signature hand movement. Pointer finger up, moving his forearm up and down

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