Good news for In This Moment!

In This Moment have been slugging it out since 2005, backing up their music with a relentless touring schedule.  2012 saw the release of "Blood" which, produced by Kevin Churco, brought In This Moment to the next level and now they have signed with a major label, Atlantic!

Guitarist Chris Howorth says they have a ton of new ideas and will re-enter the studio soon to work on Bloods' follow up.  Howorth added:

"We’re gonna try to replicate the magic of ‘Blood’ and try to take the style and sound we had for ‘Blood’ and just do it bigger and better while still keeping true to that same vibe. That’s our sound. We feel like we found something and want to stick the flag in the ground on top of that hill.”

They're working with Churco again and, once they "get 'er dun", you'll hear it first on KLAQ!



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