Back then there were only a handful of El Paso bands that got signed onto a national label but nowadays, where so many bands are getting the attention of people around the world, it's becoming more likely that a band WILL get picked up. And there was one indie rock band that did just that in 2022: Late Night Drive Home.

Since 2019, Late Night Drive Home was just like any band from El Paso: playing gigs & recording music, in hopes of making it big. Things changed in 2021 when the small indie rock band gained a HUGE boost of popularity: going from 13 monthly listeners on Spotify to nearly 1,000,000 listeners. And the shows are just a few fans, got even BIGGER.

Edgar Barroso
Edgar Barroso

They released a few singles that year that really helped grab the attention of people. Songs like "talk to me (before the night ends)" & "Perfect Strangers" were two of the big ones.

After the release of their debut EP, "Am I Sinking or Am I Swimming?", which has over 15 million streams, singles like "Stress Relief", helped the band grab the attention of the record label Amuse (the same record label that artists such as Julie, Animal Ghosts & Nonpoint). In March of 2022, the band signed the label, becoming the first band from El Paso to join.

The band released their debut album "How Are We Feeling" on June 17th to the delight of the fans everywhere.

One thing I didn't mention was that all the members are between the ages of 18-22. To get THIS much attention at a young age is impressive & we wish more success for the guys in Late Night Drive Home.

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