Not every medicine can taste like bubblegum, and grape or cherry flavoring isn’t for everyone. You are bound to run into a crisis at some point trying to get your child feeling better. Plus, it seems like kids can’t catch a break these days. Mine are constantly bouncing sicknesses back and forth to each other. A special type of insanity.

Some days the taste of Motrin is ok to my child, but other days it's as if I am trying to feed them hot coals. I also deal with many young family members who have severe food allergies. So Benadryl® is a hot staple. There are times when it is essential I get the medicine in to avoid an allergic reaction, so dealing with a picky child who needs to be held down is no bueno.

It got me thinking about a trick my mom taught me when I was little. I hated the taste of grape, and one of the medications I took regularly was Dimetapp®. In order to avoid the taste I had a fool-proof process down. Here are the steps:

1. Plug Your Nose

2. Leaving nose plugged, swallow medicine

3. Take a drink of water

4. Unplug Nose

The most important part of this process is not letting any air into your nose. If you do, you will taste the medicine. When your nose is plugged you can’t taste. It’s just one of those magic human tricks that seems fake... but it’s real.

Good luck and bless all you parents out there doin' it.

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