Is it just me or, is getting a vaccination shot at the zoo a little creepy?

I'm thinking there is something very "Planet Of The Apes" about this ... maybe that's just me though. Anyway, the city of El Paso began administering the COVID 19 vaccine to those deemed worthy on Christmas eve at, of all places, the El Paso Zoo. WTF?

Were University Medical Center, Providence, Upper Valley Urgent Care, or any of the other fine hospitals and clinics throughout El Paso too busy to do this? Granted, those facilities have been beyond overwhelmed by the COVID 19 pandemic but, c'mon ... couldn't we find somewhere better to start administering these vaccines than the freakin' zoo?

On top of all the conspiracy theories about the vaccine and the parallels between this pandemic and Hollywood features like Planet Of The Apes or Contagion, now people have to be vaccinated like animals, at an animal park!? Seriously, the COVID 19 vaccine is an important step forward in the battle against this disease and many people are already skeptical about it, in part due to various reports of side effects and the aforementioned conspiracy theories about government plots. That being said, I don't think choosing to administer them at the zoo was really a good idea.

On top of that, stories now suggest that the vaccine isn't being administered to the designated people. If the officials really want to win us over with regard to the vaccine, they're going to have to do better than this.

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