Springtime in El Paso ... when the lawn furniture piles up in one corner of the yard, trees bend, the mountains disappear and our allergies go crazy.

Allergies being the technical term for that "holy crap, I think I'm dying" feeling.  Even folks who don't have allergies can experience them during Spring on the Border. Here are a few things that may help:

  • Move. Expensive and problematic I know but, you'll feel better. Come back around June.
  • Many non-medicinal items may ease allergies including air purifiers, certain plants and Salt Lamps.  (I actually just bought a salt lamp ... I'll let you know how it goes.)
  • Dust masks. Fashionable, no, (and they may get you stopped by the cops here and there) but, they will help. (I'm considering a full-on scuba suit myself)
  • Locally produced, raw honey. A tablespoon a day is all it takes. Local pollens gathered by the bees help you build resistance.
  • Diet. There are a number of foods that can help ... read a partial list here or watch the video above.

Over the counter medicines are easy to get and offer pretty reliable results.  For some, natural remedies, click here.

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