Bob Dylan is notoriously evasive. Opaque, even. The people who give out the Nobel Prizes would sure like to hear from him though. They want to let him know he won the Nobel Prize for literature.

The trouble is, they haven't heard back from Bob. Is he going to attend the ceremony? What's he going to do with the prize money? Has he even heard that he won yet?

Seriously, Bob hasn't responded to the Nobel Committee. He hasn't even acknowledged the prize in any way.

This is where you come in.

Bob Dylan is on tour, and tonight he plays in Albuquerque. Tomorrow night he plays in El Paso.

It is my understanding that Bob usually travels by tour bus. My guess is that the mysterious Nobel winner will be en route between the hours of 11 p.m. Tuesday and 4 p.m. Wednesday. His most likely route will be taking Interstate 25 to Las Cruces and then I-10 on down to El Paso.

I know we have listeners throughout The Land of Enchantment. Please be on the lookout for THIS man.

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Christopher Polk

If you see him, it is urgent that you inform him that he has won the Noble Prize for Literature.
The subject has been know to wear cowboy hats when traveling and often dons sunglasses, even when it is not sunny outside. Subject speaks English but it can often be mistaken for an unknown language.

APPROACH WITH CAUTION! Subject is very private and could prove skittish if approached.
Subject has never been observed posing for a "selfie" with fans but, who knows? Maybe he'll be so happy that you told him about the Nobel thing he'll make an exception.

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