Texas is found in many parts of music, from being mentioned in the lyrics or sometimes in the title of the songs. Texas cities are also mentioned in song titles too; regardless of the genre. For this list we're looking at just rock artists who mentioned a Texas city in the title.

(So no country artists like George Strait, Marty Robbins or Waylon Jennings)

ZZ Top:

Let's start with an obvious choice. The band that defines Texas music, of course would have Texas cities name dropped in the titles. They have at least 2: "Heaven, Hell or Houston"

But of course the one that we ALL know is "La Grange"

The Doobie Brothers:

Another classic rock band, The Doobie Brothers had a huge hit of their 3rd album The Captain And Me named after a small Texas town, just ten miles from San Antonio Texas. The story in the song might be fictional, but the town is very real. Of course I'm talkin' about the...

Taking Back Sunday:

Back in 2011, when Taking Back Sunday was taking a retreat to Sonic Ranch in Tornillo (they definitely weren't the only ones to record in Sonic Ranch), they would write songs for their "Taking Back Sunday" album. They had such a positive experience, they named one of the songs after El Paso called.... well... "El Paso".

Butthole Surfers:

The last album Butthole Surfers would record was 2001's Weird Revolution. A few of the songs would appear in movies; "They Came In" would be heard on Mission: Impossible 2 & "The Shame of Life" on the trailer for Phone Booth. But one song on the album would contain Houston in the title: Dracula From Houston. The song is bonkers but it fits for their style.

The Reverend Horton Heat:

The band that defines Texas psychobilly, would also have a song that contains Houston in the title. From The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds of the Reverend Horton Heat, we have the very fast paced "Living On The Edge (Of Houston)".

Iggy Pop:

The Godfather of Punk would have many crazy nights in Houston. So he decided to name a song after Houston on his 5th album, Party called "Houston is Hot Tonight". The album wasn't the most well-received by critics, but at least Iggy was nice to show his appreciation to saying how much he loved partying up in Houston.

Bob Dylan:

We've heard of songs that talk about one man fighting another for a woman; well that's the story behind "Brownsville Girl" off Bobby's 1986 Knocked Out Loaded album. While the album was mostly panned by critics, they all seem to agree that "Brownsville Girl" was the gem off the album. Sitting at 11 minutes, it's also one of Bob's longer songs too.


The British heavy metal band wrote a song all about Dallas on their 3rd album, 1980's Strong Arm of the Law. "Dallas 1 PM" is pretty significant in that it's all about the 1967 assassination of JFK. To this day, it's a still a song they play occasionally during live shows.


The 90's alternative band known for "Losing My Religion", "It's The End of the World As We Know It", actually wrote two songs named after Texas cities: "Texarkana", from the same album WITH Losing My Religion, Out of Time

& "Houston" from their 2008 album Accelerate.

Steely Dan:

One of the EARLIEST songs in Steely Dan's catalog, "Dallas" was recorded during the sessions for their debut album Can't Buy A Thrill. It was also sung by their drummer Jim Hodder. It never appeared on an album outside of the Japanese release of Steely Dan. Luckily it exists on YouTube for our listening pleasure.

Honorable MentionsGary Clark Jr "Travis County"

I put this under honorable mention because, even though Gary grew up in Travis County (Austin), it's a COUNTY, not a city. But the song was so good NOT to include here so here it is.

Yes "Abilene":

While the name is indeed named after the Texas city, it's hard to tell whether or not the song was inspired BY the city or not. However I don't get to talk about Yes so does it deserve to be included here as an honorable mention?.....Yes.

Tragic Landing:

Yes they're not as popular as any of the other names on this list but this is easily one of the best "El Paso" songs out there by El Paso's own Tragic Landing.

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