If you are a fan of wine and also enjoy a little herb here and there, this is perfect for you.

When it comes to wine and pot, California likes to set itself apart so, they came up with a weed-infused wine. The wines referenced in the preceding link are mixed with CBD AND THC, (Yes, there's a difference)

Weed Wine, at the time this article was written, could only be purchased by those with a medical marijuana card and was only available in California. The laws regarding the wacky wine have changed but, are still very convoluted. (If you don't feel like figuring them out, you could learn to make your own.)

One awesome change since that first article has been in the pricing. The 2016 article listed the wines as being expensive AF, ranging from $120 to $400 for half a bottle. Prices are WAY more reasonable now.

I'm still good with a dime and a few Coors Lights myself though...

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