We're always leaving things in our cars overnight or while we're having dinner, shopping, etc.  When it's really cold though, that's not always a good idea.

Not that it freezes around here or gets "uber" cold that often but, here are a few things you shouldn't leave in your vehicle if freezing or below freezing temps are expected:

  • Cellphones/ipods/ipads/Computers - iPhone's and iPads will lose battery life extremely fast in cold weather and the condensation can ruin both batteries and screens.
  • Beer/Soda - They explode. (On really hot days too) Which makes a huge freakin' mess and leaves your car smelling like a brewery. Try explaining that to the cops.
  •  Canned Foods - The seals can break which, the USDA says causes spoilage. Thaw frozen canned food in a refrigerator. If it looks or smells weird, toss it.
  • Eggs - 2 strikes on this one. 1) The eggs freeze inside and the shells crack when the yolk expands which, 2), creates another big, yucky mess.
  • Guitars - Big temperature jumps will not only knock your axe out of tune but, the wood could also crack.
  • Medication - Some medications ruin or lose effectiveness in low temps.  Learn more.
  • Bowling Balls - Not that I bowl but, I thought this one was funny.  According to my radio brother Tony LaBrie:

    "High temperatures will soften the ball which creates extra 'hook'. It's the opposite in the winter. The harder ball will skid more and 'hook' less. Plus your hand will shrink in the cold and swell back to normal inside."

Finally, last but certainly not least, people and pets. Duh, right?  Some idiots still do it though and the results, in both hot and cold weather, can be disastrous at the least and fatal at the worst.

Don't do it!

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