Danielle Bregoli aka "Bhad Bhabie" recently celebrated her 18th birthday. She's the young lady that gained fame thanks to the show, Dr. Phil. Not many know her by her real name Danielle Bregoli.

Most people recognize her as the "cash me outside" girl that went on Dr. Phil's show with her mom (featured above). After her appearance she gained major fame and now has a huge fan base.

Well, days after Danielle Bregoli turned 18, she set up her OnlyFans account.

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The young rapper is claiming she has made $1 million within 6 hours of setting up her account. It seems like she has been doing pretty good since her appearance on Dr. Phil. After reading the news on her, it had me wondering about something if she had lived in El Paso.

Almost everyone has something to say about all the high schools in El Paso. For the longest time, high schools that were on the opposite side of town from the Westside had comments to make about Coronado and Franklin High School.

Other students that didn't attend Coronado or Franklin would claim we were stuck-up rich kids.

First off, that was so not true and later others came to realize it after meeting us at parties. Have you ever wondered if Danielle Bregoli lived in El Paso, Texas, what high school she would have attended?

Now every high school had girls with the same attitude as Danielle Bregoli. So from what you know and have seen, what high school do you think she would've attended in El Paso?

Place your vote in the poll below.

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